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A significant period of development takes place in the foundational years of elementary school.  During this time, your child will build a strong academic foundation, form meaningful friendships, grow increasingly independent, and discover their place in God’s world. We partner with parents throughout these important years — not only to ensure your child thrives in the classroom, but also to strengthen the Christian values you’ve been diligently teaching at home.


We believe that the basis of learning is being able to read.  Research has also found that using a phonetic approach to reading instruction is the most reliable method of teaching reading to most students.  For this reason, we use the ABEKA curriculum in our Preschool-4th grade classes.

In an intensive phonics-first approach, children learn to read using these steps:
-Recognize the short vowels.
-Recognize the consonants.
-Blend consonant and vowel together.
-Recognize consonant and one vowel words.
-Recognize long vowels and sound two-vowel words.
-Read special sounds.

This curriculum uses a conventional teacher-led classroom with daily instruction in Phonics, Reading, Language, Spelling, Poetry, Writing, Arithmetic, and the Bible.


Click here to learn about the curriculum used in 5th grade.




Physical Education, Music, Art, STEAM, and Media classes are integrated in Kindergarten-5th Grade.


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